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 SnG Script Console v5.0 Beta

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Data de inscrição : 27/07/2008

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MensagemAssunto: SnG Script Console v5.0 Beta   SnG Script Console v5.0 Beta Icon_minitimeDom Jul 27, 2008 5:27 am

Here's my Beta Version of SnG Script Console v5.0. I'm releasing this beta, cause i need some more time to fix things, etc. and v4.0 isn't able to connect anymore. There're still alot of bugs in it. I'll go to Greece for 2 weeks at Thursday, so i don't have time to add more functions, etc.

The biggest thing i've added is the new "IRC Function" which should let you send a Packet though IRC to another SnG Script Console User (which is also in your IRC Channel). This will also enable the function "RIRHC" (Remote IRC Room Hotel Chat) which allows you to chat from one hotel to another :p . It sounds good, but its still buggy and IRC is sometimes a little bit slow to send packets.

I've also added the new Encryption (which is already patched on some hotels :p) and the cool "Keyboard Navigation" function (use your Arrow-Keys on your keyboard to walk).

I've added a form for creating new Mutants (cause the figure has changed in v20).

I've changed the Loadersplitter (now it gets the whole loader from habbohotel and replace the needed information, before it wrote a completely new loader). You can now set the Replace-params in the Settings Form.

And i've added the option to choose "Use HostName" instead of write/use a host from the "hosts" file.

And some other things which I can't remember

SnG Script Console v5.0 Beta Irc10

SnG Script Console v5.0 Beta Packet11

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SnG Script Console v5.0 Beta
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